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Am Ukulele chord

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And xxxx a xxx picture
The xxxxx blow xxxx you
Somebody xxxx gets xxxx you xxxxxx again
You xxxx it's xxx the xxxx
Another xxxx and xxxxx
Repeating xxxxxxx and xxxxxx getting xxxx of xx

But x believe xx whatever xxx do
And xxxx do xxxxxxxx to xxx it xxxxxxx
Cos xxxxx things xxxx change

Can xxx feel xx now
These xxxxx that xxxx put xx to xxxx us xxxx will xxxx down
It's xxxxxxxxxx the xxxx will xxxx for xx to xxxxxxx win
And xx sing xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
We xxxx Hallelujah------------------
Oh xx

So xxxxx been xxxxxxxxxxx
Rated xxx now xxxxxxxx
It's xxxx to xxxxx when xxx fight xxxxx fair
But xxxxx getting xxxxxxxx now
Fiund xxxxxx they xxxxx found
They xxxxx be xxxxxx
But xxxxx faster xxx never xxxxxx

You xxx walk xxxx say xx don't xxxx this
But xxxxxxx something xx your xxx says xx can xxxx this
Cos xxxxx things xxxx change


And xxxxxxx we'll xxxxx and xxx off xxx knees
fight xxx what xxxxx worked xxx all xxxxx years
And xxx battle xxx long
It's xxx fight xx our xxxxx
But xxxxx stand xx champions xxxxxxx

It xxx the xxxxx things xxxxxxx
Can xxx see xx now
These xxxxx that xxxx put xx to xxxx us xxxx fell xxxx
It's xxxxxxxxxx throw xxxx hands xx cos xx never xxxx in
And xx sing xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
We xxxx Hallelujah----------------------
Background xxxxx
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