Ily (i Love You Baby_ Uke tab by Surf Mesa

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Em chordEm
I love you baby and if it's quite alright
A chordA
I need you baby to warm these lonely nights This whole lyric X
Dm chordDm
I love you baby
Dm chordDm A chordA A7 chordA7 Cm chordCm
Trust in me when I saaaaaaaaay

D chordD
I love you bay-bay-bay-You-You
Em chordEm
bay-bay-I-You-You This X
A chordA

Repeat both these in order two-three times


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ChloeAsh1907 avatar
Just a little something I whipped up. I saw that they didn't already have a tab for it so I decided to make one. I hope it fits for needs. I can't give you an exact strumming pattern so you might just have to experiment.
14 May 2020
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