Jam Buddies Uke tab by Steven Universe

10 Chords used in the song: D, F#m, Bm, A, G, D7, G7, A7sus4, Em7, A7

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Album:  unknown
Key: unknownChords
D D                      F#m F#m
The sun is bright, our shirts are clean

Bm Bm A A
We're sitting up above the sea

Come on and share this jam with me

D D F#m F#m
Peach or plum or strawberry,

Bm Bm A A
Any kind is fine you see

G G A A D D D7 D7
Come on and share this jam with me!

G G F#m F#m D D
I'll do my best to give this jam the sweetness it deserves

And I'll keep it fresh,

G7 G7 A7sus4 A7sus4 Em7 Em7 A7 A7
I'm jammin' on these tasty preserves!

D D F#m F#m
Ingredients in harmony,

Bm Bm A A
We mix together perfectly

G G A7sus4 A7sus4 D D
Come on and share this jam with me!

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Uke tab by , 19 Jun 2015

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I think the chords in this song are great, well done :)
12 Apr 2018

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