Connect The Dots Uke tab by Spill Canvas

3 Chords used in the song: Cm, G#, A#

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Year:  2007
Key: D#, CmChords
Cm Cm                       G# G#
If your feet hurt from walking too much,
Cm Cm A# A#
then I will tend to them, with a velvet touch
Cm Cm G# G#
If your lungs just don't want to work today,
Cm Cm A# A#
then I'll perform you mouth to mouth until your okay


G# G# A# A# Cm Cm
Don't you just love the feeling of my fingertips,
circling your lips

G# G# A# A# Cm Cm
Don't you just love the desire taking hold of you
I can tell you do.
G# G# A# A# Cm Cm
I know all your favorites spots and tonight we will connect the dots

If your muscles are wound up and tight
then I will loosen up the knots until it feels right.
If your ears just ache from listening,
then I'll suply the remedy in the melodies I sing

Chorus x2

Uke tab by unknown, 25 Jan 2009

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