I Got You Babe Uke tab by Sonny And Cher (Baritone Chords)

11 Chords used in the song: A, D, G, E, E7, Bm, F, Bb, Eb, Ab, F7

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Year:  2005
Key: unknownChords
They [A A]say we're young and [D D]we don't know, 
[A A]won't find out [D D]till [G G]we [E E]grow.
[E7 E7] Well [A A]I don't know if that's all true
'cause [A A]you got me, and [D D]baby
[G G]I got [E E]you [E7 E7] [A A]babe. [D D]
I got [A A]you babe. [D D]
I got [A A]you babe. [D D]

They say our love won't pay the rent,
before it's earned, our money's always spent
I guess that's so, we don't have a pot,
but at least I'm sure of all the things I got, babe
I got you babe.
I got you babe.
I got you babe.

I [Bm Bm]got flowers in the [E E]spring.
I got [Bm Bm]you to wear my [E E]ring.
And when I'm [A A]sad, you're a [D D]clown,
and if I get [D D]scared, you're always [E E]around.
[F F]And

then [Bb Bb]they say your hair's [Eb Eb]too long,
but [Bb Bb]I don't care, with [Eb Eb]you I [Ab Ab]can't go [F F]wrong.[F7 F7]
Then [Bb Bb]put your little [Eb Eb]hand in mine,
[Bb Bb]there ain't no hill or [Eb Eb]mountain
[Ab Ab]we can't [F F]climb,[F7 F7] [Bb Bb]babe. [Eb Eb]
I got [Bb Bb]you babe. [Eb Eb]
I got [Bb Bb]you babe. [Eb Eb] [Bb Bb] [Eb Eb]

[Bb Bb] I got you to [Eb Eb]hold my hand.
[Bb Bb]I got you to [F F]understand.
[Bb Bb]I got you to [Eb Eb]walk with me.
[Bb Bb]I got you to [F F]talk with me.
[Bb Bb]I got you to [Eb Eb]kiss goodnight.
[Bb Bb]I got you to [F F]hold me tight.
[Bb Bb]I got you, I [Eb Eb]won't let go.
[Bb Bb]I got you who [F F]loves me so.
[Bb Bb] [Eb Eb] [Bb Bb] [F F]

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