Let You Go Uke tab by Soja

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Intro: F chordF C chordC Gm chordGm C7 chordC7

F chordF C chordC Gm chordGm
It occurred to me as things are slowing down that it's always much better

C7 chordC7 F chordF C chordC Gm chordGm C7 chordC7
When you're around and it's slowly turning me upside down upside down

Gm chordGm
You can be who you want to
C7 chordC7
You can see who you want to
Am chordAm C chordC(just one strum)
There's nothing I can tell you now except
Gm chordGm
I'm always thinking of you
C7 chordC7
Even when I don't want to
Am chordAm
In more ways than I can count

F chordF
Cuz I didn't mean to let you go
C chordC
Should've been the first one to let you know
Gm chordGm
Change your mind
C chordC
And let me slide just one more time
F chordF
It doesn't have to be this way
C chordC
We could stop fighting and wake up in your place or
Gm chordGm
I could go
C7 chordC7
Leave it to chance and just let this go on

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