Mad John Uke tab by Small Faces

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Am chordAm C chordC D chordD
There was an old man, who lived in a green wood,
Am chordAm C chordC D chordD
Nobody knew him, or what he had done,
Am chordAm C chordC D chordD C chordC
But mothers would say to their children 'Beware of Mad John'.

John would sing with the birds in the morning,
Laugh witht the wind in the cold hand of night,
But people from behind their curtains said 'He's not quite right'.

A chordA Dsus2 chordDsus2
John, had it sussed,
G chordG C chordC
He was living the life of a tramp,
Fmaj7 chordFmaj7 Bm chordBm
His bed was the cold and the damp,
E chordE F chordF
But the sun was his friend: he was free.

So here was a wise one, who loved all the haters,
Loved them so much that their hate turned to fear,
And shaking from behind their curtains the loved ones would hear:

Ay-diddle aye di, diddle aye di and di di,
Ay-diddle aye di, diddle aye di, di di,
Ay-diddle aye di, diddle aye di, diddle aye di, aye diddle aye-di di.


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luke-ulele avatar
I´m very pleased to have found this tab! Love this song and you did a good job. Howeverm maybe it´s because I dont know how to play so well yet, but here the Fmaj7 and the Bm sound iffy to me, I replaced them with F and B respectively, and it sounded a bit better on my uke. Dunno, dude! Anyway great job!
10 May 2012
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