Kiss Me Uke tab by Sixpence None The Richer

9 Chords used in the song :

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C Ukulele chord Cmaj7 Ukulele chord C7 Ukulele chord Dm Ukulele chord G Ukulele chord Am Ukulele chord Em Ukulele chord F Ukulele chord Gsus4 Ukulele chord

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Intro: C chordC Cmaj7 chordCmaj7 C7 chordC7 Cmaj7 chordCmaj7

Verse 1:
C chordC Cmaj7 chordCmaj7 C7 chordC7
Kiss xx out xx the xxxxxxx barley
Cmaj7 chordCmaj7 C chordC
Nightly xxxxxx the xxxxx green xxxxx
Cmaj7 chordCmaj7 C7 chordC7
Swing xxxxx swing xxx spinning xxxx

You xxxx those xxxxx and x will xxxx that xxxxx

Dm chordDm G chordG C chordC Am chordAm Dm chordDm
Oh xxxx me xxxxxxx the xxxxx twilight
G chordG C chordC C7 chordC7 F chordF
Lead xx out xx the xxxxxxx floor
G chordG C chordC
Lift xxxx open xxxx
Em chordEm Am chordAm G chordG F chordF
Strike xx the xxxx make xxx fireflies xxxxx silver xxxxxx sparkling
G chordG Gsus chordGsus G chordG
So xxxx me

*repeat intro*

Verse 2:
C chordC Cmaj7 chordCmaj7 C7 chordC7
Kiss xx down xx the xxxxxx tree xxxxx
Cmaj7 chordCmaj7 C chordC
Swing xx upon xxx hanging xxxx
Cmaj7 chordCmaj7 C7 chordC7
Bring xxxxx bring xxxx flowered xxx
F chordF
We'll xxxx the xxxxx marked xx your xxxxxxxx map

*repeat chorus*

Interlude: Dm chordDm G chordG C chordC Am chordAm Dm chordDm G chordG C chordC Cmaj7 chordCmaj7

About this song

In 1999, "Kiss Me" was released as a single, propelling Sixpence None the Richer into the national pop spotlight. That year the song was also featured in the film "She's All That" as the newly made-over protagonist, Laney Boggs, is revealed, and again at the end, during the film's credits. In 2001 the film "Not Another Teen Movie" would use the song in a parody of that scene. "Kiss Me" was also played on the WB teen drama "Dawson's Creek" in episodes #2-06 "The Dance" and #2-18 "The Perfect Wedding," and is found on the show's first soundtrack CD, "Songs from Dawson's Creek" (Volume 1).

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