Odd One (Intro) Uke tab by Sick Puppies

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c|-x-x--22--x--2211xx11xx11xx111-x| x2
e|-x-x--33--x--3322xx22xx22xx222-x| x2


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This makes no sense to the song
21 Feb 2011
About this song

"Odd One" is the second single from Sick Puppies' third album Tri-Polar, which impacted rock radio on November 10, 2009. According to the band's Twitter, the video was filmed on November 25th. According to pictures posted on the band's Twitter and a video clip on YouTube in the following days, the video was filmed at a skate park. In a live web interview on February 9, 2010, Shim stated that Odd One narrowly beat out Riptide as Tri-Polar's second single, much to the delight of the band who supported Odd One becoming a single because of its strong lyrical message.