Paranoia Uke tab by Sam Roberts

4 Chords used in the song :

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INTRO: G chordG, C chordC, G chordG, C chordC

G chordG C chordC
She xxx blessed xxxx a xxxxx for xxxxxx bad xxxxxx
C chordC G chordG
He's xxx five xxxxxx on xxx left xxxx five xxxx on xxx right
C chordC
Well xxx mom xxxx town xxxx the xxxxxxxxxxx clerk xxx her xxx was xxxx

G chordG
cause xxx kid xxx work xxx the xxx stays xxxx all xxx 'cause xx paranoia

BREAK xxxx C xxxx G x

G chordG C chordC
He's xxx kung xx grooves xxxx can xxxxx be xxxxxxxx
G chordG
She's xxx a xxxxxxx queen xxxx and xxx wears xxx blue xxxxx faded
C chordC
He's xxx moves xxxx the xxxx that xxxxx never xxxx seen xxx his xxxxxxxxxxxx
G chordG
and xxxx just xx and xxx gives xxxxxx that'll xxxx your xxxxxxxx

BREAK xxxx C xxxx G

G chordG
And xx all xxxx someone xx save xxx souls
G chordG
Cause xxx next xxxx could xx mine xxxxx be xxxxx repeat xxxx end
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