3's and 7's Intro Uke tab by Queens Of The Stone Age

1 Chords used in the song: G

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Album:  unknown
Key: C, D, G, Cm, Am, Em, Chords and Tablature
# O.K. Guys, this is only the main riff for 3's & 7's. I hope you enjoy playing it even though it sounds corny on a ukulele. I'll try to bring up some more tabs later. you only really need the 1st and 2nd string but i'll just leave it on.

# Drop me a line to this e-mail address-
[email protected]

# This one's standard tuning for either type of uke. (G G,C C,E E,A A)


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Uke tab by , 10 Aug 2010

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repeat of the tabs before.
04 Jul 2011

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