Babies Uke tab by Pulp

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Intro - Dmaj7 chordDmaj7 Dmaj7 chordDmaj7 G chordG G chordG (6 times)

Dmaj7 chordDmaj7 G chordG
Well it happened years ago
Dmaj7 chordDmaj7 G chordG
When you lived on Stanhope Road
Dmaj7 chordDmaj7
We listened to your sister
G chordG
When she came home from school
Dmaj7 chordDmaj7
Cos she was two years older
G chordG
And she had boys in her room

We listened outside and heard her alright

Dmaj7 chordDmaj7 Dmaj7 chordDmaj7 G chordG G chordG

Well that was alright for a while
But soon I wanted more
I want to see as well as hear and so I
Hid inside her wardrobe
And she came round four
And she was with some kid called David
From the garage up the road
I listened outside I heard her alright

Em chordEm G2 chordG2
Oh I want to take you home
Dmaj7 chordDmaj7
I want to give you children
G chordG
You might be my girlfriend
Dmaj7 chordDmaj7 G chordG
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah


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About this song

Babies is a song and single by British rock group Pulp. It was released as a single for Gift Records in 1992, and was later remixed for the Sisters EP in 1994 . The remixed version featured on the His 'n' Hers album and the original single mix on the Intro compilation. The song failed to chart in 1992, but became a Top 20 hit when re-released in 1994, peaking at #19 on the UK Singles Chart. Babies follows a simple 'Teen Angst' story-song.