Hand Mouth Dancer Uke tab by Pond

8 Chords used in the song: C, Am, G, Dm, Em, F, E, D

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Album:  unknown
Key: C, AmChords

C C Am Am G G C C
So you got political, can you speak on that?

C C Am Am G G C C
I didn't get political, I just faced the facts

Dm Dm Em Em
Is it critical we react?

Just don't slap me on the back

Dm Dm Em Em
I'm not the one for whom leaving the house is a

Dm Dm G G
political act

C C E E D D Am Am
Honey, kiss me, I don't care

Em Em F F c
If you've got a cold

Em Em Dm Dm Am Am
It's just a nightmare

Em Em F F C C
So young but so old

C C Am Am G G C C
Well, I'm no hero, just do my hand mouth dance

C C Am Am G G C C
For the actual heroes, dying to get the kids to France

Dm Dm Em Em F F G G
Silenced by their class, silenced by their caste

Dm Dm Em Em
And if you're not a bloke, then here's the fucking joke

Dm Dm G G
You'll be silenced by our past

C C E E Dm Dm Am Am
Honey, kiss me, I don't care

If you don't comb your hair

E E Dm Dm Am Am
Or if your world is strange

And I can't share your pain

Dm Dm G G Em Em Am Am
Dm Dm G G C C F F
Dm Dm G G C C Am Am G G C C


Uke tab by , 14 Mar 2021

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