Spaceman Stu (mcdonalds Commercial) Uke tab by Pete Schmidt

4 Chords used in the song: G, C, Em, D

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Album:  unknown
Key: G, EmChords
(G G) (C C) (Em Em) (D D) x4

(G G)Spaceman (C C)Stu liked to (Em Em)gaze up at the (D D)stars
(G G)He dreamed of (C C)floating with them (Em Em)in his spaceman (D D)car
(G G)And when he (C C)touched down he (Em Em)couldn?t believe his (D D)eyes
(G G)All of his (C C)favorite things (Em Em)started floating (D D)by
and he did (G G)too, (C C) (Em Em) (D D)
Spaceman (G G)Stu (C C) (Em Em) (D D)

(G G)Spacemen (C C)Stu floated (Em Em)up to the man in the (D D)moon
(G G)They sat and (C C)talked about the planets (Em Em)Mercury to (D D)Neptune
(G G)And then Stu (C C)asked him, (Em Em)?eWhat did Pluto (D D)do??
(G G) ?Cause not all that (C C)long ago it (Em Em)was a planet (D D)too
And the moon just (G G)smiled, (C C) (Em Em) (D D)
at this wonder (G G)child (C C) (Em Em) (D D)

(C C)And with his dog Orion (G G)by his side, (C C)he?ll fly (G G)away (C C) (G G) (C C)
(Em Em)Off to their (C C)little secret (G G)place, (C C)behind the (D D)Milky Way

Well, (G G)Spaceman (C C)Stu has a (Em Em)cardboard rocket (D D)box
(G G)It has a (C C)Captain?s chair he (Em Em)made out of his (D D)blocks
(G G)And when the (C C)countdown (Em Em)reaches 3,2,(D D)1
(G G)Shake, rattle, (C C)boom, kapow! (Em Em)We?ll head off towards the (D D)Sun
And here we (G G)go, (C C) (Em Em) (D D)
leave Earth (G G)below (C C) (Em Em) (D D)

(G G) (C C) (Em Em) (D D) x6
La la la la la?..

Uke tab by , 21 Jan 2011

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