Todas Las Notas Uke tab by Paulo Londra

35 Chords used in the song :

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C chordC - Cm chordCm - C7 chordC7 - Cmaj7 chordCmaj7 - Cm7 chordCm7

D chordD - Dm chordDm - D7 chordD7 - Dmaj7 chordDmaj7 - Dm7 chordDm7

E chordE - Em chordEm - E7 chordE7 - Emaj7 chordEmaj7 - Em7 chordEm7

F chordF - Fm chordFm - F7 chordF7 - Fmaj7 chordFmaj7 - Fm7 chordFm7

G chordG - Gm chordGm - G7 chordG7 - Gmaj7 chordGmaj7 - Gm7 chordGm7

A chordA - Am chordAm - A7 chordA7 - Amaj7 chordAmaj7 - Am7 chordAm7

B chordB - Bm chordBm - B7 chordB7 - Bmaj7 chordBmaj7 - Bm7 chordBm7


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camilo1Artkis avatar
Como puedo saber cual es el acorde?
17 Feb 2019
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