New Perspective Uke tab by Panic! At The Disco

5 Chords used in the song: Em, C, G, D, Cm

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Album:  unknown
Key: G, EmChords
# So I was playing the other version of this song which is great but i saw that they didnt have the bridge. I think I might have figured it out; let me know if I'm wrong :)

Em Em C C G G
More to the point I need to show how much I can come and go

Other plans fell though and put a heavy load on you I

Em Em C C
know there's no more that need be said when I'm inching through your

G G D D C C Cm Cm
bed take a look around instead and watch me go

G G Em Em C C Cm Cm
Stop there and let me correct it I wanna live a life from a new perspective

G G Em Em C C Cm Cm
You come along because I love your face and I'll admire your expensive taste

G G Em Em C C Cm Cm
And who cares divine intervention I wanna be praised from a new perspective

G G Em Em C C Cm Cm
But leaving now would be a good idea so catch me up on getting out of here

G G Em Em C C Cm Cm
It's not fair just let me perfect it don't wanna live a life that was comprehensive

G G Em Em C C C C
Cause seeing clear would be a bad idea now catch me up on getting out of here

So catch me up I'm getting out of here

Outro: G G Em Em C C Cm Cm x2 G G

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Uke tab by , 14 Jan 2012

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Ulkito5 avatar
Fantastic! Great job!!
27 Jan 2012

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