Always Uke tab by Panic! At The Disco

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These are just the chords for the song and I just used the tab from http //tabs ultimate-guitar com/p/panic at the disco/always crd htm to figure out the arrangement I'm probably infringing something and if so I'll remove it


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lunalilove avatar
lunalilove flag for US(ISO2) (Banavides)
ok i'll check it out thank you
17 Jul 2012
MuppetMolly avatar
I've just submitted my own tab for it, which includes the words and all that. It's different from yours because I interpreted some of the chords differently, but you can check it out and apply it to yours/
26 Apr 2012
lunalilove avatar
lunalilove flag for US(ISO2) (Banavides)
I need hellpppppp!!!! I love this song but how can i play it without knowing the rythmn!!!!!!!!!!! :O
26 Apr 2012
MuppetMolly avatar
It's a bit difficult to utilize your tab without knowing where to play the chords.
25 Apr 2012
rina_desu avatar
Add lyrics and show which chords go where, maybe? (:
19 Jun 2011
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