You Have Me Uke tab by Michael Gungor

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Inro: Eb chordEb, Bb/D chordBb/D, Eb chordEb, Fsus4 chordFsus4
Eb chordEb Bb/D chordBb/D
out on the farthest edge
Eb chordEb
there in the silence
Fsus4 chordFsus4
you were there
my faith was torn to shreds
my heart out of balance
and you were there

Eb chordEb Bb/D chordBb/D
always faithful
Eb chordEb Fsus4 chordFsus4
always good
you still
have me
you still
have my heart

i thought i had seen the end
everything broken
but you were there
I've wondered a heaven's gates
I've made my bet in hell
but you were there still

Eb chordEb
you have me
Bb/D chordBb/D
you have me
Eb chordEb Fsus4 chordFsus4
you have my heart completely x


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Halo14 flag for KE(ISO2) (Nairobi)
Thanks! :)
28 Dec 2012
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