Daddy's Little Girl Uke tab by Michael Buble

9 Chords used in the song: Ab, C7, Fm, C#, Fdim, A#7, Eb7, Bb9, Bb7

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Album:  unknown
Key: unknownChords
Ab Ab                                                   C7 C7
# You?re the end of the rainbow, my pot of gold.
Fm Fm C7 C7
# You're daddy's little girl, to have and hold.
C#maj C#maj Fdim Fdim Ab Ab A#7 A#7 Eb7 Eb7
# A A precious gem is what you are;
Bb9 Bb9 Bb7 Bb7 Eb7 Eb7
# You're mommy's bright and shining star.
# Ab Ab C7 C7
# You?re the spirit of Christmas, the star on our tree.
Fm Fm C7 C7
# You?re the Easter Bunny to Mommy and me.
C#maj C#maj Fdim Fdim Ab Ab C7 C7 (Fm Fm)
# You?re sugar, you're spice, and you're everything nice
Bb9 Bb9 Eb7 Eb7 Ab Ab
# And You?re Daddy?s Little Girl

Uke tab by , 25 Mar 2011

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