Sopia Uke tab by Matt Maher

6 Chords used in the song: D, G, A, D/C#, Bm, Em

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Album:  unknown
Key: D, BmChords
[D D]She's so,[G G][D D] you know; [G G][D D]makes me want to be like [G G]Jesus[D D]
[D D]I am [G G][D D]your hands;[G G][D D] tell me what your plan for [G G]this is[D D]

[G G]In your Sacred Heart I burn [A A]for you.
Could I burn[D D] with her[D/C# D/C#] in a flame[Bm Bm] of truth[D D]
Where all[Em Em] my burdens float[D D] like an angel feath[G G]er?

Sophi[Bm Bm]a,[a] you know[G G] me[a]
Sophi[Bm Bm]a, [a]see through[G G] me[a]
Sophi[D D]a, dance with me[G G]
Help me make[A A] it through the night[D D]

[D D]Dark Night,[G G][D D] so bright;[G G][D D] now I see the way of [G G]passion[D D]
[D D]Let go,[G G][D D] my soul;[G G][D D] now it only longs for your af[G G]fection[D D]

[G G]In your Sacred Heart I dwell[A A] with you.
Could I dwell[D D] with her[D/C# D/C#] like the an[Bm Bm]gels do [D D]
Where all[Em Em] my burdens float[D D] like an angel feath[G G]er?

D D G G D D D D G G D D G G Bm Bm a G G Bm Bm a ...

Uke tab by , 15 Jul 2009

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