Belly Up Uke tab by Maria Mena

6 Chords used in the song: Gm, F, Eb, Fm, Bb, F/A

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Year:  2008
Key: Eb, Bb, Cm, GmChords
Intro: Gm Gm-F F-Eb Eb x2

Verse 1:
Gm Gm F F Eb Eb
Our old world is hard to find
Gm Gm F F Eb Eb
I doubt it was ever mine to keep
Gm Gm F F Eb Eb
Were you always this unkind?

Gm Gm
We lie belly up
in the pool of us
Fm Fm
We lie belly up
Eb Eb
in the pool of us

Verse 3:
Gm Gm F F Eb Eb
I don't recognize your doubt
Gm Gm F F
Please say something
Eb Eb
darling shout at me
Gm Gm F F Eb Eb
How unfair to shut me out

(Repeat Chorus twice)

Bb Bb Eb Eb
I must say I'll
Gm Gm F/A F/A
always love you
Bb Bb Eb Eb Gm Gm F/A F/A
Even if it hurts

Intrlude: Gm Gm-F F-Eb Eb x2

Verse 3:
Gm Gm F F Eb Eb
Have I driven us to this?
Gm Gm F F
Our bickering has
Eb Eb
reached it's limit
Gm Gm F F
I can't remember
Eb Eb
our last kiss

(Repeat Chorus twice)

(Repeat Bridge x4)

Outro: Gm Gm-F F-Eb Eb x2

(Repeat Bridge x2)
(Repeat Outro)

Uke tab by , 19 May 2013

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