Meaningless Uke tab by Magnetic Fields

4 Chords used in the song: B, G#m, E, F#

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Taken from stephinsongs .wiw. org


G#m G#m:
You mean it's all been meaningless?

Every whisper and caress?

F# F# B B
Yes yes yes it was totally meaningless

like when two fireflies fluoresce
Just like everything I guess
it was utterly meaningless
Even less
a little glimpse of nothingness
sucking meaning from the rest of this mess
Yes yes yes it was thoroughly meaningless

E E F# F#
and if some dim bulb should say

we were in love in some way

kick all his teeth in for me

F# F# E E F# F#
and if you feel like keeping on kicking feel free

Who dare to say it wasn't meaningless
Shout from the rooftops and address the press
Ha ha ha it was totally meaningless


G#m G#m
Meaning less than a game of chess

Just like your mother said and mother knows best

F# F#
I knew it all the time but now I confess

E E F# F# B B
Yes yes yes how deliciously meaningless

F# F# E E
Yes yes yes effervescently meaningless

F# F# B B
Yes yes yes it was beautifully meaningless

F# F# E E
Yes yes yes it was profoundly meaningless
Yes yes yes definitively meaningless
Yes yes yes comprehensively meaningless
Yes yes yes magnificently meaningless
Yes yes yes how incredibly meaningless
Yes yes yes unprecedentedly meaningless
Yes yes yes how mind-blowingly meaningless
Yes yes yes unbelievably meaningless
Yes yes yes how infinitely meaningless


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