Baggy Trousers Uke tab by Madness

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Intro: B chordB,Bb chordBb,Ab chordAb,F chordF,B chordB,Bb chordBb,Ab chordAb


F chordF
Naughty xxxx in xxxxx schools
Ab chordAb
Head xxxxxxx Breaking xxx the xxxxx
Bb chordBb
Having xxx and xxxxxxx fools
B chordBBb chordBbAb chordAb
Smashing xx the xxxx work xxxxx

Bb chordBbBbm chordBbm
Oh xxxx fun xx had
F chordFFm chordFm
Did xx really xxxx out xxx
Bb chordBbBbm chordBbm
All x learnt xx school xxx
C chordCB chordBC chordC
how xx bend xxx break xxx rules
Bb chordBbBbm chordBbm
Oh xxxx fun xx had xxx
F chordFFm chordFm
at xxx time xx seemed xx bad
Bb chordBbBbm chordBbm
Trying xxxxxxxxx ways xx
C chordC C# chordC#
Make x difference xx the
Dm chordDm
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