Shissou / Sprint Uke tab by Last Alliance (Baritone Chords)

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DM7 chordDM7 C#m7 chordC#m7 F#m chordF#m B7 chordB7 x2

A chordA D chordD E chordE
I run and run a thousand miles
A chordA E/G# chordE/G#
and I am barely breathing
F#m chordF#m C#m chordC#m
Only the fuel of a passion heart
D chordD E chordE
Keeps this body strong and moving forward

A chordA D chordD
But could it be I found a place to rest
E chordE A chordA E/G# chordE/G#
How far until I'm ok’
F#m chordF#m C#m chordC#m
Trees of the town reveal the time has come
D chordD E chordE
Once again to shift our shade and colors
D chordD A chordA C#7 chordC#7
The world always changes around us but weakness will
F#m chordF#m
always remain
E chordE
Through all the pain
D chordD Dm chordDm E chordE
Believe in who we are right here and now
DM7 chordDM7
Raise one hand to the sky
C#m7 chordC#m7
Raise them both

Lift them high
F#m chordF#m
And you'll cut through the darkness

B7 chordB7
Make it go

D chordD E chordE A chordA
The time to start is now
D chordD E chordE A chordA
And I can show you how
D chordD C#m chordC#m F#m chordF#m E chordE D chordD E chordE A chordA
Start with me and the world will be even bigger than ever before


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