Weak Uke tab by Jojo

13 Chords used in the song: Am, Bb, Cm, F, C#, C, Dm7, Gm, Am7, Bbm, Ebm, G#m, F#

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Album:  unknown
Key: unknownChords

Am Am
I don’t know what it is that
Bb Bb
You’ve done to me
Am Am Bb Bb
But it’s caused me to act in such a crazy way
Am Am
Whatever it is that you do when
Bb Bb
You do what you’re doing
Am Am Bb Bb
It’s a feeling that I want to say

Cm Cm F F
Cause my heart starts beating triple time
Bb Bb C# C#
With thoughts of lovin you on my mind
Cm Cm F F
I can’t figure out just what to do
Bb Bb Am Am C C
When the cause and cure is you you

Am Am Dm7 Dm7
I get so weak in the knees I can hardly speak
Gm Gm
I lose control
C C Am Am
Then do something takes over me
Dm7 Dm7
In a daze, your love’s so amazing
Gm Gm
It’s not a phase
C C Am Am
I want you to stay with me by my side
Dm7 Dm7
I swallow my pride
Gm Gm
Your love is so sweet
Am Am Am7 Am7 Dm7 Dm7
It knocks me right off on my feet
F F Gm Gm C C F F
Can’t explain why you lovin makes me weak

Verse: (Do cp verse)
Time after time
I’ve tried to fight it
But you love is strong
It keeps on holdin on
Resistance is down when you’re around
Pride’s padding in my condition
I don’t want to be alone

(Repeat Refrain)
(Repeat Chorus except last word)
F F Gm Gm-C C pause
. . . weak

Gm Gm-C C pause
I’ve tried hard to fight it
Gm Gm-C C pause
No way can I deny it
Gm Gm-C C pause
Your love’s so sweet

It knocks me off my feet

(Repeat Chorus moving to 1 fret higher)

Bbm Bbm pause
I get so weak
Ebm Ebm G#m G#m
Blood starts racing through my veins
Bbm Bbm pause
I get so weak
Ebm Ebm G#m G#m
Boy it’s something I can’t explain
Bbm Bbm pause
I get so weak

Something bout the way you do

The things you’re doing

Knocks me right odd
Ebm Ebm
Of my feet
F# F# G#m G#m C# C#
Can’t explain why your lovin
F# F#
Makes me weak

(Repeat Chorus 2)

Uke tab by , 02 Jun 2017

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