One Piece At A Time Uke tab by Johnny Cash

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F chordF Bb chordBb
Well I left Kentucky back in ' 9 I went to Detroit workin on assembly
C chordC F chordF
line The first year they had me puttin wheels on Cadillacs Every day
Bb chordBb
I'd watch them beauties roll by and sometimes I'd hang my head and cry
C chordC F chordF
cause I always wanted me one that was long and black One day I devised
Bb chordBb C chordC
myself a plan that should be the envy of most any man I'd sneak it out
F chordF
of there in a lunch box in my hand Now gettin caught meant gettin
Bb chordBb C chordC
fired but I figured I'd have it all by the time I retired I'd have
F chordF
me a car worth at least a hundred grand I'd get it one piece at a time
Bb chordBb C chordC
and it wouldn't cost me a dime you'll know it's me when I come through
F chordF Bb chordBb
your town I'm gonna ride around in style I'm gonna drive everybody
C chordC F chordF
wild cause I'll have the only one there is around


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About this song

This is the start of what has turned into Rap. Country singers and pop singers did what I refer to as talking blues or talking songs with a good music or beat in the background Another good example is Hot Rod Lincoln.