Five Days Of Summer Uke tab by Joe Brooks

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Intro: E chordE F#m chordF#m A chordA
E chordE F#m chordF#m
She leaves just silence in her path
A chordA
Short goodbyes and photographs
A chordA E chordE
I took them with me on a plane from Appledorn to LA
F#m chordF#m
This broken heart it doesnt hurt
A chordA
I still wear these memories on my shirt
A chordA C#m chordC#m
From five days of summer in the rain

C#m chordC#m F#m chordF#m
Now Im falling towards the ground
A chordA
Its coming at me way too fast
A chordA
You dont learn to fly
B chordB
If youre not prepared to crash

A chordA C#m chordC#m
Shes the sunlight in my eyes
F#m chordF#m E chordE
Shes a bittersweet goodbye
F#m chordF#m
And I just cant tell you why
F#m chordF#m A chordA
I let her break my heart again
A chordA
Those five days of summer in the rain

Same chords for Verse 2 and chorus.
B chordB A chordA
In the rain
A chordA B chordB A chordA
Cause when it rains it sure does pour in Appledorn
A chordA
She took the waves She showed me life
A chordA B chordB A chordA
She showed me love I had it all
B chordB A chordA
And all the time shes not around I want her more
B chordB
Shes so beautiful


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