Going Down That Lonely Road Uke tab by Jim Stark

7 Chords used in the song: D, G, A, E, G/A, Em, Bm

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INTRO: D D    G G     A A    D D


D D Bm Bm
Slowly growing older
G G A A Bm Bm E E
and I?ve said it all before
Em Em A A D D
but I could need someone to talk to
Bm Bm
The sun still rises,
G G A A Bm Bm E E
but things are not quite like they seem
Em Em
I can't control myself
awake or in my dream


Bm Bm A A G G
Going down that lonely road
D D Em Em A A D D
I wish I was going home
Bm Bm A A G G
I would do it all again
D D Em Em A A
if I just could be someone
D D D D Bm Bm
It's been like this for ages
G G A A Bm Bm
Cannot hear a word they say
G G Bm Bm D D
Crying on a sunny day


D D Bm Bm
I could need a shelter
G G A A Bm Bm E E
a place where I can hide
Em Em A A D D
a bad wind is blowing and I?m getting colder
Bm Bm
There's no one on my doorstep
G G A A Bm Bm
and no one asks for more
Em Em
I?ll walk alone
like many times before


Ending: D D G G A A D D
D D E E G G G/A G/A (End on) D D


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