Constantly Apparently Uke tab by Jay Jay Pistolet

5 Chords used in the song: C, Am, E7, F, G

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C C                             Am Am
I thought you were a constant in sickness and in health

C C Am Am
but everyone wants somebody with energy and wealth

E7 E7 Am Am
Will he have a future? Will he make you fall apart?

E7 E7 Am Am
Will he make you feel like you were young again at heart?

Will he be real beautiful & will you be aware

Of feelings you were never really sure ... were there?

But they were.

I thought you were a constant for better and for worse
I tried to win you back with words I'd written in ...
I saw they didn't touch you in the way that they once would
If I could get you back, then I'd do anything I could
I know you're pretty busy & it's rarely on your mind
but it doesn't matter where I look, you're all that I can find
You are.

C C Am Am
So take two steps forward & one step back

Let's get it on & get back on track

C C Am Am
One to the left, then drop your knee

Bring yourself on back to me

I thought you were a constant, you said you'd always be
You said that "If we ever broke up, it would be because of me."
I know that you resent me, you couldn't let that go
I know you feel uncomfortable that everybody knows
I know I should've said something before it went to far
I know you're trying to find yourself, but I know who you are
I do

I thought you were a constant, you know everyone has doubts
Aside from all my failures, I thought we'd work it out
Does he know that you have got a speckle in your eye?
Will he have a nook under his arm for you to cry?
Does he make your body ache with passion? Well he must
I know I wasn't adequate in with filling you with lust
I was

[CHORUS (x2)]
End with G G


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