I'm Yours Uke tab by Jason Mraz

3 Chords used in the song: Bb, F, Gm

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pluck the E E,A A string and while they are making a sound,
slide your index finger on the E E,A A strings,
1st fret to 3rd fret and back then pluck again,
then make the Bb Bb chord,
then strum DDUUD

pluck the E E string and while it is making a sound,
slide your index from 1st fret to 3rd fret then back,
and pluck again, and make the F F chord then strum DDUUD

third and last:
pluck the E E string and while it is making a sound,
slide your RING finger 1st to 3rd fret BUT DON'T GO BACK TO THE 1ST FRET, instead make the Gm Gm chord then strum DDUUD,
then strum the C C chord twice and move it to the 3rd fret and strum once.

Just do this in the entire song. When in doubt, DDUUD


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eimmas avatar
It is slightly accurate in what it says but doesn't make much sense for the reader.

Sliding can easily be written with a / or \ sign to show which way to slide on the neck.

Nice try. But you'll also find it work better on the 2nd fret sliding to the 4th.
25 Nov 2009
About this song

First single from the album We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things released in 2008. The original demo version of the song first appeared on the 2005 According to the I'm Yours Songfacts, Mraz told The Sun newspaper that this song is about "generosity. About giving yourself or your time to someone or something else."