Alabama Getaway Uke tab by Grateful Dead

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A7 chordA7
3 teeth in a jawbone
A7 chordA7
Alabama's trying for none
E chordE
Before I have to hit him
D chordD C chordC - A chordA - C chordC - A chordA
I hope he's got the sense to run
A7 chordA7
Reason the poor girls love him
A7 chordA7
And promise him everything
E chordE
And why they all believe him
D chordD C chordC - A chordA - C chordC - A chordA
He wears a big diamond ring

A7 chordA7
Alabama getaway getaway
D chordD
Alabama getaway getaway
E chordE
Only way to please me
D chordD C chordC - A chordA - C chordC - A chordA
Just turn 'round and leave'em walk away

Major Domo Billy Bojangles
Sat down and had a drink with me
Said What about Alabama
That keeps a-coming back to me
Heard your plea in the courthouse
The witness box began to rock and rise
9 sister states all
Had Alabama in there eyes

Major said why don't we give him
Rope enough to hang himself
No need to worry the jury
They'll prob'ly take care of themselves
th psalm Major Domo
Reserve me a table for three
Down in the valley of the shadow
It's just you Alabama and me


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