Whisper Uke tab by Ernie Halter

10 Chords used in the song: F, Gm, Gdim, Bb, A, Dm, G7, A#m, Bb/C, Am

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Tablature / Chords (Simplified Song)

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Year:  2007
Key: unknownChords and Tablature
# Chords Used:F,Gm,Gdim,Bb,A,Dm,G7,A#m

# Strumming Pattern:DD-UU-DU

# Credit for all chords go to Joshua Juan on Youtube.
(I just simplified for the simple minds,Like mine :3)

# Also,here are some pickings I found:
Picking 1: Picking 2:
|------- |--0--3--6
|----1-- |---------
|0/2---2 |---------
|------- |---------



Verse 1:
F F Gm Gm
How do I ask her to come back to me,
Gdim Gdim F F Riff 1
After I told her goodbye?
F F Gm Gm
How do I love her so desperetly?
Gdim Gdim F F
And for so long I pushed her aside.
Bb Bb A A
How do I walk back into her life?
Dm Dm G7 G7
When I'm the one who walked out on her.
Bb Bb A A
How do I ask her, to see me again?
Dm Dm G7 G7
I told her that I wasn't sure,
Bb/C Bb/C
We could be friends.

Riff 2 Dm Dm Bb Bb
God can you whisper, in her ear?
A#m A#m F F
Anywhere on the way to her car.
Dm Dm Bb Bb
Before the wind blows her too far,
A#m A#m F F
Away from my heart.
Dm Dm Bb Bb
Oh,can you whisper in her ear?
A#m A#m F F
Anytime while she laying on her bed.
Dm Dm F F
Can you tell her everything that I've said?
A#m A#m
Everything that I've Saaaid?
Oh Ou

Verse 2:
F F Gm Gm
How do I try and explain everthing?
Gdim Gdim F F
Nothing I say seems to fit.
Riff 1
Ohhh Noo.
F F Gm Gm
How do I get her to pick up the phone?
Gdim Gdim F F
How did we ever get like this?
Bb Bb Am Am
What kind of man lets love slip away,
Dm Dm G7 G7
And leave such a good thing behind?
Bb Bb
I hold in my hands pressed,
Am Am Dm Dm
Praying to find,a way to
G7 G7 Bb/C Bb/C
fill in this hole that I have inside.



# If you want to do the outro,it's the same chord pattern as the Chorus.

Uke tab by , 21 Oct 2016

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LucasHurima avatar
flag for GU(ISO2) (Yona)
Crud,just saw I used the wrong chords for verse 2.Its A instead of Am.
22 Oct 2016
LucasHurima avatar
flag for GU(ISO2) (Yona)
Before you guys think the chords are wrong,yes they are the wrong TYPE of the chord.Please try to find out other ways to get the chords to work by searching up the other Versions of the chords.Deepest Apologies
21 Oct 2016

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