Tu Cabeza En Mi Hombro / Put Your Head On My Shoulder Uke tab by Enrique Guzmán

12 Chords used in the song: G, Am, D#, C, Em, D, A, Bm, D7, G#, Fm, Bbm

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Put Your Head On My Shoulder / Tu cabeza en mi hombro
Paul Anka / Enrique Guzmán

INTRO: G G Am Am D# D#..G C C G G

G G                   Em Em
Put your head on my shoulder,
Am Am      D D             G G   Em Em
hold me in your arms, ba..by.
Am Am          D D             G G    Em Em
Squeeze me, oh, so tight, show me,
Am Am       D D        G G  C C  G G
that you love me, too.

G G                           Em Em
Quiero tener tus labios
Am Am        D D             G G   Em Em
Demuestra que me quieres
Am Am     D D               G G    Em Em  Am Am
Demuestra que me quieres
    D D              G G   C C G G
De dudas me sacará

D D               G G    
People say that love's a game.
  D D                    G G
A A game, you just can't win.
   A A                   Bm Bm
If there's a way, I'll find it some day,
    A A                         D D  D7 D7
and then, this fool will rush in.

                    G G      Em Em
Tu cabeza en mi hombro
Am Am      D D          G G   Em Em
Me dirá ahora, nena
Am Am      D D             G G    Em Em
Lo que siempre he dudado,
Am Am      D D                G G   D# D# G# G#
Que me quieres en verdad.

G# G#                  Fm Fm
Put your head on my shoulder.
Bbm Bbm     D# D#         G# G#  Fm Fm
Whisper in my ear, ba..by...
Bbm Bbm     D# D#            G# G#  Fm Fm
Words I want to hear, ba..by..
Bbm Bbm      D# D#          G# G#
Put your head on..my..shoulder.(Fade.)


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