Bleachers Uke tab by Emily Yacina

4 Chords used in the song: F#m, A, E, B

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Album:  unknown
Key: E, C#mChords
Thank you to Ms. Yacina for this gem. Apologies if the chords/lyrics don't quite line up, I'm new to this.

(F#m F#m) (A A)
Cold in the bleachers I pray to see
(E E)
I love you winning
(E E)
(What are you doing to me?)
(F#m F#m) (A A)
Time is a silk web tangled in pleas
(E E)
I choke to move on
(E E)
(What are you doing to me?)
(F#m F#m) (A A)
Only my vision can set me free
(E E)
Stuck in my story
(E E)
(What are you doing to me?)
(B B) (A A) (E E) (F#m F#m)
And I know I am not that small
(B B) (A A) (E E) (F#m F#m)
And it shows when all the pieces fall (around me)
(B B) (A A) (E E) (F#m F#m)
It’s a shame when I convince myself I’m not real
(B B) (A A) (E E) (F#m F#m)
On the train, I’m running out of ideals

refrain: (A A)(E E)(A A)(E E)(A A)(E E)(F#m F#m) (repeat)

Uke tab by , 26 Sep 2020

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