Am I Wasting My Time Uke tab by Eli 'Paperboy' Reed

6 Chords used in the song: C, F, G, E7, F7, D

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[C C] [F F] [G G]
[F F][F F]Ahh, [C C]let me tell ya

[C C] I met a girl
Down[F F]town last night
She [G G]asked to take her hom[F F]e [F F] [C C]
[C C] Knew what she wanted
By the [F F]look in her eye
As we [G G]walked back arm in ar[F F]m [F F] [C C]
[C C] So tell me baby
'Fore you [F F]unlock the door
Am Am I [G G]just a one-night thri[F F]ll? [F F] [C C]
[C C] Cos if it's true
And I'm [F F]just your fool
There ain't no [G G]money in this dea[F F]l [F F] [C C]


[C C] Am Am I wastin' my [F F]time? Yeah
Do you [G G]think this is love that we [C C]found?
[C C] Am Am I wastin' my [F F]time? Oh yeah
Cos [G G]if I am baby, you can [F F]turn [F F]right a[C C]round

[E7 E7] I need a woman
[C C] To love and treat me right
[E7 E7] Someone who'll always be [F7 F7]there
[E7 E7] If you'll be mine and I'm not [F F] wastin' my lifetime
[D D]Oh, we can make it honey -[G G] anywhere

[C C] [F F] [G G]
[F F][F F] [C C]
[C C] [F F] [G G]
[F F]O[F F]h just listen [C C]to me now

[C C] Girl I had
Broke my [F F]heart in two
She [G G]left me all a[C C]lone, you know she did now
[C C] Said she didn't
[F F]Love me no more
A A[G G]nother king was no her thro[F F]ne [F F] [C C]
[C C] If you want me baby
[F F]Come over here
And let me [G G]take you by the [C C]hand
[C C] And let me build
A A [F F]lasting love
And [G G]not just a one-night s[F F][F F]tand [C C]


[F F][F F] [C C]
[F F][F F] [C C]


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