Intertwined Uke tab by Dodie Clark

8 Chords used in the song: G, Bm, Bbm, C, D7, C6, Cm, Em

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Album:  unknown
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G G Bm Bm Bbm Bbm
Skin, Heat,

C C D7 D7
Hair in your mouth, feet touching feet

G G Bm Bm Bbm Bbm
Oh you, and I,

C C D7 D7
Safe from the world, though the world will try


C6 C6 Cm Cm
Oh, I'm afraid of the things in my brain

G G Em Em C C D7 D7
But we can stay here and laugh away the fear


C C Bm Bm Bbm Bbm
Numb, Fine,

C C D7 D7
You create a rarity of my genuine smiles so,

G G Bm Bm Bbm Bbm
Breathe, breathe with me,

Can you drink all my thoughts

D7 D7 G G
'Cause I can't stand the-em


Bm Bm Bbm Bbm C C D7 D7
oh_______, oh_______, oh, oh, oh


G G Bm Bm Bbm Bbm
Intertwined, free,

I've pinned each every hope on you

D7 D7
I hope that you don't bleed with me.


C6 C6 Cm Cm
I'm afraid of the things in my brain

G G Em Em C C D7 D7
But we can stay here, and laugh away the fear


G G Bm Bm C C D7 D7 G G
Mmm_____, Mmmmmmmm______, mmmm

(If you want to sound like dodie's tabs you literally put whatever chord is in that lyrics but instead of strumming you pluck
the strings which I will show below)

G|----------------------------------------|. THIS IS PLUCKING NOT FINGERPOSITIONING

P.S if you're doing tabs, do Bbm Bbm once because it sound better

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Uke tab by , 13 Apr 2017

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