Shake The Disease Uke tab by Depeche Mode

6 Chords used in the song: Dm, C, F, Bb, Fm, Db

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Year:  1985
Key: unknownChords
N.C.     Dm Dm    C C          F F              Bb Bb 
I'm not going down on my knees, begging you to
Bb Bb
adore me

Dm Dm C C F F Bb Bb Dm Dm
Can't you see it's misery and torture for me

When I'm misunderstood, try as hard as you can,

C C Bb Bb
I've tried as hard as I could, to make you see

Bb Bb
How important it is for me

Dm Dm Fm Fm
Here is a plea from my heart to you
Db Db Bb Bb
Nobody knows me as well as you do
Dm Dm
You know how hard it is for me
Fm Fm
To shake the disease
Db Db
That takes hold of my tongue
Bb Bb
In situations like these

Dm Dm F F C C Dm Dm F F C C
Understand me
Dm Dm F F C C
Understand me
Dm Dm F F C C
Understand me
Dm Dm F F C C
Understand me

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