Here With Me Uke tab by d4vd

7 Chords used in the song: C, E, Am, Gm, F, Dm, G

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Album:  unknown
Key: AmChords
(C C)Watch the (E E)sunrise along the (Am Am)coast
As we’re (Gm Gm)both getting (F F)old (E E)
I can’t (Dm Dm)describe what I’m feeling
And all I know is we’re going (Am Am)home
So (Gm Gm)please don’t let me (F F)go, (E E)oh
Don’t let me (Dm Dm)go, oh-(G G)oh-oh

And if it’s (C C)right
I (C C)don’t (F F)care how long it (C C)takes
As (C C)long as I’m with (F F)you
I’ve got a (G G)smile on my (C C)face
(C C)Save your (F F)tears, it’ll (G G)be (C C)okay
(G G)All I (F F)know is you’re (G G)here with me

(C C)Watch the (E E)sunrise (Am Am)as we’re (Gm Gm)getting (F F)old, (E E)oh-oh
I (Dm Dm)can’t (G G)describe, (C C)whoa-oh
I (E E)wish I could (Am Am)live through every (Gm Gm)memory (F F)again
(E E)Just one more (Dm Dm)time before we (G G)float off in the (C C)wind
And (E E)all the time we (Am Am)spent waiting for the (Gm Gm)light to take us (F F)
in (E E)
Have been the (Dm Dm)greatest moments (G G)of my life(C C)

Uke tab by , 19 Dec 2022

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WHat is the strumming pattern for this song??
06 Jul 2023

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