Into The Cornfields Uke tab by Colin Hay

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Intro - E chordE - B chordB - C# chordC# - G#m chordG#m - A chordA


B chordB C# chordC#
Driving through the south no need to stop for gas
B chordB C# chordC#
Thats all taken care of by the gas man
B chordB C# chordC#
Some of it is very beautiful some of it has scars
B chordB Asus2 chordAsus2
and some of it is ugly as a bigot in a bar
B chordB C# chordC#
Travelling through the south by car me and Bonn and Charlie B chordB
B chordB C# chordC#
The night makes us stop by the side of the road for tea
B chordB C# chordC#
I look up in the distance a branding iron is stuck up in the night sky
B chordB
It's in the shape of American and it's in flames
Asus2 chordAsus2
but I'm not sure why

E chordE-B chordB-C# chordC#-G#m chordG#m-A chordA
Into the cornfields
E chordE-B chordB-C# chordC#-G#m chordG#m-A chordA
Into the cordnfields
E chordE-B chordB-C# chordC#-G#m chordG#m-A chordA
We don't want to go


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