Constantly Uke tab by Cliff Richard

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INTRO: C chordC-Em/B chordEm/B-Dm chordDm-G chordG

C chordC Em/B chordEm/B
All day i'm walking in a dream
Dm chordDm G7 chordG7
I think about you constantly
C chordC
Just like and ever-flowing
Em/B chordEm/B
your mem'ry haunts me
Dm chordDm G7 chordG7

C chordC
Shadows fall and dry
Caug chordCaug
to drive you from my mind
G chordG F chordF-(F6 chordF6)
so you're no longer near to me
G7 chordG7
but my hearts sees you there
with me
Csus chordCsus (C chordC)
ev'ry sunset you share with
G chordG(6)-G chordG-
C chordC Em/B chordEm/B
The rain that paddles through the trees
Dm chordDm G7 chordG7
reminds me of you constantly
C chordC Em/B chordEm/B
Your name is whispered by the breese
and love birds bring you
Dm chordDm G7 chordG7
song to me

C chordC
Just as sure as the stars/each stars
Keep/Keeps burning in the
Caug chordCaug
Your love will stay a
F chordF
flame in me
C chordC
A chordA flame that burns so bright
G chordG(6)
not only through the night
C chordC (G/B chordG/B)
but constantly

Fm chordFm C chordC
though we may be far apart
Fm chordFm(6) C#7 chordC#7 break
you're constantly
C chordC-Ab chordAb-C chordC-C chordC
deep in my heart


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