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Skip To My Lou

C chordC
Lost my partner skip to my Lou
G chordG
Lost my partner skip to my Lou
C chordC
Lost my partner skip to my Lou
G chordG C chordC
Skip to my Lou my darling

every verse is just like the first verse repeat the line three times then it goes skip
my lou my darling

I'll get another one purtier'n you

Can't get a blue bird jay bird'll do

Fly in the sugar bowl shoo fly shoo

The old gray mare has lost her shoe

Pretty brown eyes are looking at you

One old boot and a run-down shoe

My old shoe is torn in two

Hair in the butter dish four feet long

Hair in the biscuit six feet through

Cows in the corn-field two by two

Rats in the bread-tray how the chew

You stole my partner what'll I do

I'll get another one quicker'n you

If I had a pistol I'd shoot you too


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