Sweet Maria Uke tab by Chicosci

5 Chords used in the song: Bb, Gm, Em, F, Eb

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Album:  unknown
Key: Bb, GmChords
Bb Bb
Bless this night
Gm Gm
I'm entering the fold
Bb Bb
With everything to lose
Gm Gm
Let me be ready for the end
With both guns blazing
Em Em F F Gm Gm F F
Nothing can stop this war tonight
F F Eb Eb
And you'll be my shelter
F F Gm Gm F F
Your suicide kisses will be mine

Bb Bb F F
Sweet Maria
Gm Gm F F
Guide these bullets in the air
Bb Bb Gm Gm
Beautiful clash, I'm a blinded fool again
Bb Bb
Now I'll be cut and bruised
Gm Gm
My landmines valentine
Eb Eb F F Gm Gm
These silver bullets will open your eyes
And I'll be here, breathing
Eb Eb F F Gm Gm F F
Your suicide kisses will be mine

Sweet Maria
Guide these bullets in the air
Sweet Maria
Grace this moment hear my prayer
I feel you beside me
Touch me, I tremble
My final dance
This means everything
Everything to me

Uke tab by , 10 Jul 2009

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