Birthday Song Uke tab by Charlie McDonnell

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Ab chordAb G chordG Cm chordCm
This is a song that I wrote you for your birthday

# repeat throughout song

# Chords: G (4232), Ab (5343), Cm (0333)


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Molto bene avatar
It seems fine to me. That is the way Charlie plays it on his uke. Maybe yours is outta tune? Just a guess. Good luck!
30 Aug 2012
HeyGuysItsAnnie avatar
HeyGuysItsAnnie flag for US(ISO2) (Pensacola)
this doesn't seem right to me... it sounds off
20 Mar 2011
flag for (ISO2)
instead of Cm alone, put your pinkie on the forth fret of the G sting. other than that, perfect! :D yay for charlie mcdonnell tabs :)
11 Feb 2011
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