Ballad At Thirty-five Uke tab by Carla Bruni

7 Chords used in the song: G, G7, C, B7, Em, Am, D

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Album:  unknown
Key: EmChords
Intro: G G


This, no song of ingénue,

This, no ballad of innocence;
Em EmG G

This, the rhyme of a lady who
Am AmD D

Followed ever the natural bents.

This, a solo of sapience,

This, a chantey of sophistry,
Em EmG G

This, the sum of experiments, --
Am AmD D

I loved them until they loved me.

Decked in garments of sable hue,
Daubed with ashes of myriad Lents,
Wearing shower bouquets of rue,
Walk I ever in penitence.
Oft I roam, as my heart repents,
Through God's acre of memory,
Marking stones, in my reverence,
"I loved them until they loved me."

Pictures pass me in long review,--
Marching columns of dead events.
I was tender, and, often, true;
Ever a prey to coincidence.
Always knew I the consequence;
Always saw what the end would be.
We're as Nature has made us -- hence
I loved them until they loved me.

Princes, never I'd give offense,
Won't you think of me tenderly?
Here's my strength and my weakness, gents -
I loved them until they loved me.

Uke tab by , 31 Jan 2010

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