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E - 11
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C#m - 11

Amaj7 chordAmaj7
ฌด –ธ ฐ€ นจ ง€ Š” †Œ ฆฌ
E6 chordE6
‚œ ฌธ “ ž  — „œ นจ
Amaj7 chordAmaj7
‚ฎ „ค Œ ฐ€ “ •œ †Œ ฆฌ
E6 chordE6
ท€ ฅผ ง‰ •„ ณด ง€ งŒ ž  —˜ “ค ง€ ชป •ด

Amaj7 chordAmaj7
ชฉ ด ž พธ •„ ŒŒ ™€
E6 chordE6
ฐ ‹ธ ณด  ค •˜ ง€ งŒ
Amaj7 chordAmaj7
‚˜ — ฒ ชฉ †Œ ฆฌ ฐ€
G# chordG#
—† –ด ˜ค Š˜ „ ทธ †Œ ฆด “ค –ด

Amaj7 chordAmaj7
˜ šธ ฆฌ ณ  žˆ –ด ทธ †Œ ฆฌ ฐ€
B chordB C#m chordC#m E chordE
ด –ผ –ด ถ™ € ˜ธ ˆ˜ — ˜ ธˆ ด ฐ€
Amaj7 chordAmaj7
ทธ ˜ธ ˆ˜ — ‚ด ฐ€ ‚  ฒ„  ธ ž– •„
B chordB E6 chordE6
‚ด ชฉ †Œ ฆด „ œ„ •ด ฌป —ˆ ž– •„

Amaj7 chordAmaj7
‚  ฒ„ ฆฐ ฒจ šธ ˜ธ ˆ˜ œ„ กœ
E6 chordE6
‘ บผ šด –ผ Œ ด –ผ —ˆ „ค
Amaj7 chordAmaj7
ž  ‹œ “ค –ด ฐ„ ฟˆ † — „
E6 chordE6
‚˜ ฅผ ดด กญ žˆ Š” ™˜ ƒ †ต € —ฌ  „ •ด

Amaj7 chordAmaj7
‚˜ Š” ‚  žƒ € ฑธ นŒ
E6 chordE6
•„ ‹˜ „ žƒ € ฑธ นŒ
Amaj7 chordAmaj7
‚˜ ฌธ “ ˜ธ ˆ˜ กœ ‹ฌ  ค ฐ€
G# chordG#
˜ค ทธ † — ‚ด –ผ ตด žˆ –ด

Amaj7 chordAmaj7
ถ€ ƒ •ด •„ ฌด ง „ •˜ ง€ งˆ
B chordB C#m chordC#m E chordE
ž… „ ง‰ œผ  ค † „ ป— –ด ณด ง€ งŒ
Amaj7 chordAmaj7
ณด ง€ งŒ ฒฐ ตญ —” –ธ    ฐ€ ด„ ด ™€
B chordB E6 chordE6 E chordE
–ผ Œ “ค € …น •„ ‚ด  ค ˜ Ÿฌ ฐ€

Amaj7 chordAmaj7
Tell me ‚ด ชฉ †Œ ฆฌ ฐ€ ฐ€ งœ ผ ฉด
B chordB C#m chordC#m E chordE
‚  ฒ„ ฆฌ ง€ ง •˜ –ด •ผ –ˆ Š” ง€
Amaj7 chordAmaj7
Tell me ณ  †ต กฐ ฐจ ฐ€ งœ ผ ฉด
B chordB E6 chordE6 (E chordE)
ทธ •Œ ‚ด ฐ€ ฌด –ผ •ด •ผ –ˆ Š” ง€


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Paige7085 avatar
@GalaticUKEz you can see the lyrics if you go onto the app
29 Dec 2018
Glitter7 avatar
Glitter7 flag for KR(ISO2) (Seoul)
@GalacticUKEz. The person who posted it could have put added the lyrics in Korean so it shows them like that.. Not all websites show Korean and it is annoying.. You can find another page with Singularity on it too.
16 Jun 2018
GalacticUKEz avatar
GalacticUKEz flag for MY(ISO2) (kelantan)
why cant i see the lyrics??
05 Jun 2018
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