Tina's Song (takes My Breath Away) Uke tab by Bob's Burgers

4 Chords used in the song: C, C7, Am, F

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Album:  unknown
Key: F, DmChords
T is for the way you take my breath away
C7 C7
I is for the way I like it when you take my breath away
Am Am
N is for no one else takes my breath away
and A A is for asthma, which is a disease that takes people's breath away!

# Strum each chord and let ring

Uke tab by , 10 Nov 2014

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UkulelePotato avatar
Thank you!
16 Apr 2019
EIijah avatar
mobile flag for US(ISO2) (Port Saint Lucie)
Cant wait to seranade tina with this and woo her for the dance??
11 Feb 2018

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