Dirt On The Grave Uke tab by Black Label Society

5 Chords used in the song: Am, C, G, G/Am, D

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Year:  2005
Key: G, EmChords
Verse 1:

Am Am/ C C /G/Am
Ashs fly,ashs burn.

Am Am/ C C / G G/ Am Am
The sun is black,aint no return.

Am Am/ C C/ G/Am G/Am
Ashs fly,ashs burn.

Am Am/ C C/ G G/ Am Am
Over and over aint no need to learn.

G G/ Am Am
chors: its all dust and done,

G G/ Am Am
its all u and me,

G G/ Am Am
out done completely out played,

G G/ D D/ Am Am
just shovel some more dirt on the grave

Verse 2:

Am Am/ C C/ G G/ Am Am
The choices you make and choices that are.

Am Am/ C C/ G G/ Am Am
When hell is so close and heavens so far.

Am Am/ C C/ G G/ Am Am
Ashes fly ashes burn.

Am Am/ C C/ G G/ Am Am
Over and over aint no need to learn

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