Going Crazy Over Night Uke tab by Bill Wyman and The Rthymn Kings

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Album:  unknown
Key: unknownChords
A7 A7 Old Muddy river runs D7 D7 deep and wide
Ferry boats travel down side by side
A7 A7 Mississippi gamblers Dm Dm play their hands
D7 D7 Flapper girls and G7 G7 Dixie bands
Dm Dm Gotta get some A7 A7 music as they Dm Dm sail on down
D7 D7 Floatin' cross the water comes a ragtime sound
C C They're doing that G#7 G#7 barefoot G7 G7 jive, just to D7 D7 keep the night alive G7 G7

c Sweet talkin' Momma why you A7 A7 down on me?
D7 D7 All I want to do G7 G7 is hold you C C tight
An empty bed and a A7 A7 hung down head, D7 D7 I go G7 G7 crazy C C overnight....
....A7 believe me.... I D7 D7 go G7 G7 crazy over C C night

Uke tab by , 29 Aug 2011

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