Talking Of Michelangelo Uke tab by Bayside

6 Chords used in the song: Bb, C, Dm, F, A, Gm

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Album:  unknown
Key: DmChords and Tablature
Intro : Bb Bb C C Dm Dm Dm Dm

Verse : F F F F(Dm Dm C C)Bb Bb A A Dm Dm Gm Gm C C

# And this is how it goes along with the words.

F F F F Dm Dm C C
The sidewalk's cracked and dirty face
Bb Bb A A Dm Dm
Is looking up from underneath my feet
Gm Gm C C F F
Staring at the hollow broken boy
F F Dm Dm C C Bb Bb
Who's lost and wandering these... city streets
A A Dm Dm Gm Gm
And everynight I wander here alone The night
That we won't meet I...

Chorus :
F F Bb Bb
Wonder when, when I'll
C C Dm Dm
Finally understand
Bb Bb
Why time can wash away love like
It was made of sand and it's
F F Bb Bb
Wonderful the pain
C C Dm Dm
That comes with regret
Bb Bb
Sometimes you have to see the beauty
In all of this lonelyness

# replay intro, then next verse :

Street lights flicker and they fade
Like every good intention that I had
And everyface that passes through my mind
I'll be struggling with
These same old dreams
Until the concrete turns to sand
And I'm swept up by the waves

# PLay the chorus again... then

C|---2--------2--5~-----2---------5-4-2-------| -2x

Bb Bb C C Dm Dm
There's only so many chances that you'll get to do
C C Bb Bb
Something that's this important
Now I'd rather sink than swim
Bb Bb C C Dm Dm
Sewer drains keep spewing out their steam
C C Bb Bb C C
Telling all the broken dreams I've flushed away...

Uke tab by , 15 Oct 2009

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