Let Me Be Your Wings Uke tab by Barry Manilow

15 Chords used in the song: G, Am, Cm, Em7, A7, Bm, Dm, D7, C, Dm7, D, Em, E7, A, Cm/Eb

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Album:  unknown
Key: unknownChords
G G Am Am G G
Let me be your wings
Cm Cm G G
Let me be your only love
Em7 Em7 A7 A7
Let me take you far beyond the stars

Am Am Bm Bm Am Am
Let me be your wings
Dm Dm Am Am
Let me lift you high above
D7 D7 C C G G
Everything we're dreaming of will soon be ours

Dm7 Dm7 G G
Anything that you desire
Anything at all

Every day I'll take you higher,
and I'll never let you fall

G G Am Am G G
You will be my wings
(Let me be your wings)
Cm Cm G G Em Em
You will be my only love
(get ready for another world)
Am Am
of wondrous things)
Wondrous things are sure to happen

Am Am G G E7 E7 A A Cm/Eb Cm/Eb
We'll see the universe and dance on Saturn's rings

Heaven isn't too far

Am Am G G
Heaven is where you are

C C C C Am Am D D C C G G
Stay with me and let me be your wings!
(you will be my)

Uke tab by , 20 Jul 2021

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